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Alpine, CA 91901


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10 AM - 7:30 PM

Wednesday - Saturday
10 AM - 4:30 PM

Our Bookstore

We have a great selection of books, ancient and modern, for kids, seniors, and everyone in between:  Novels and biographies, picture books, page turners, and research tomes.  In fact, books to suit all tastes!

Our prices can't be beat either, with paperbacks starting at one dollar and hardbacks (some in mint condition) starting at two dollars.

For collectors of rare books,
a visit to Alpine may be richly rewarding.



 Intimate Book Browsing

Browse among hundreds
of books; displayed by
subject and alphabetized,
you'll find what you're
looking for with ease.

Our knowledgeable
volunteer staff is always
there to help.

Bookstore Half-Price Days
  • ALFA Members enjoy a half-price sale every second Friday & Saturday
    of the month.

  • All regularly priced books are 1/2 off on the last Friday & Saturday of
    each month.

Donations to the Bookstore

  • Finished reading your latest book?
  • Watched your last movie on DVD?
  • Tired of that old music CD?
  • Donate them to the ALFA Bookstore!  All donations are tax deductible.

    • NOTE:  Due to limited storage areas, we are able to accept
      only one small box or two small grocery bags of items per
      person per week.

Items We are Unable to Accept

Because space is limited in the Bookstore, we will be unable to accept the
following items:

  • Books that are worn, missing covers, dirty or smoky
  • Encyclopedias & Magazines
  • Reader's Digest Condensed books
  • Textbooks older than three years
  • Technical Manuals older than three years
       (For example: computers, cameras, home repair, etc.)
  • The following books must be very recent, within three or four years:
    • Finance & Law
    • True Crime
    • Health, Diet & Excercise
Have questions?  Click here for more information.

Books take you places you could not go otherwise
and open the windows of your mind -- READ!


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